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Tak Restaurant


Tak is a 900 square metre rooftop restaurant, bar and terrace in Stockholm. Spread across two floors, Tak is directed by celebrated chef Frida Ronge where her signature nordic Japanese creations are on offer. Tak also boasts unmatched city views and an exclusive teppanyaki experience.


Roofs are mysterious places, lurking up there, above the floors. Often forgotten and overlooked, they’re harbingers of hidden wonders, stunning views, little treasures and guilty pleasures. Tak is a place for those open and ready to discover.

Taking after Tak’s offering of inventive nordic Japanese fusion cuisine and imaginative cocktail concoctions, a graphic identity was developed that simultaneously shows varied perspectives in a new way.*

Perched high above the city, below the stars – welcome up to our roof.

* The logotype’s converging perspectives were inspired by Le Corbusier’s windows at La Colline Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France.

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